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Christian literature / tract testimonies

"Recently I sent some Gospel tracts to an address in London and not long after I had a text message from a lady wanting to find fellowship. I was able to point her to the person who handed out the tracts and she is now in contact with a local Church. You never know what a tract can do! SPREAD THE WORD"
"Jesse Boyd was preaching in Kathmandu yesterday & he was pestered by a Hindu woman who came in his face. Jesse writes: "A woman had been watching the exchange. She approached and with true joy on her face thanked me for my bold words to that Hindu sadhu. She complimented me on my language skills and ability to communicate the Gospel in her language...and thanked us for distributing the tracts and Scripture booklets. She shared how she had picked up a tract at the Mission Hospital in Nepal 20 years ago. She had pondered the Gospel message contained therein for 4 years and then gave her life to Jesus Christ. Her testimony was proof that the distribution of Gospel literature is not in vain though it may appear so. For, the results may not come until years later. We provided this lady with some materials and encouraged her to be a bold witness for Jesus Christ. She was so happy about our preaching, a true encouragement sent from the Lord.""
"I had a phonecall today from someone who had a Gospel Tract through their letterbox (this happens now now and again). The person was angry that it implied he was going to hell. I said they are only going to hell if they die without Jesus Christ. Please pray for this guy and his family. He has a JW background and is quite angry about his upbringing. When I pressed him about things he believed he backed off. But that man has read and heard the Gospel today. Lets pray God brings the increase.""I now have a strong, long lasting friendship with Christians in another part of the country - all because of Gospel tracts!""A person recieved a Gospel tract through their letterbox and they requested a Bible!""A lady took a tract home, read the whole thing to their whole family and they were all shocked by it""On the train to London, I left a tract on the seat. Later I received a text asking for a Bible!""A lady received a tract on the street and later went on to have it translated into Romanian and 5,000 were printed and sent to many churches!" 

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