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10 reasons your ministry needs Christian branded calendars

What advantages could come from utilising a Christian branded calendar for your ministry or organization?

  1. Building Ministry Awareness - Think about having your ministry logo visible to people for 52 weeks of the year. It will be something that they can look at while they take a break, counting down to their next day off or the weekend. Placing your logo on each month of the year can help your supporters remember and appreciate your ministry.

  2. Special Features - Consider offering monthly or weekly prayer points and quotes that remind people of the good things your ministry does - to keep supporters coming back to support what you do. You can track responses by creating a hidden page on your website - linking this to a QR code on the pages.

  3. Generating New Supporters - You can use the calendar to benefit your ministry even more. Take the calendars to conferences if you have a table there. You will be surprised how many people will take these if it is a free gift. Some might even be willing to pay, if the funds are to increase the work of the ministry. It's a great way of introducing what you do to new people.

  4. Cost-Effective - With just a small amount spent per calendar, your logo and ministry detail can stay on the shelf for an entire year, increasing awareness to anyone who sees it.

  5. Differentiate Your Ministry - Make your calendar stand out from the competition with a unique design. We can help you with both the design and print of these.

  6. A Generous Offering - Why not offer a free calendar when someone inquires about one for the coming year? If you don't want to give a calendar away, you could always offer something else with the calendar, such as a branded pen. These both make great presents when paired with a festive greeting card. Contact us regarding the printing of branded ministry pens.

  7. A Constant Reminder - A branded calendar gives your customers the reminder of your ongoing ministry work - that they have supported it in the past. It reminds them to continue supporting it in the present and in the future. It may also inspire them to tell others about the work you do.

  8. Reach Out to New Supporters - Your calendar will be there when other ministries don't bother to print one, giving you an opportunity to attract new supporters.

  9. Present Each Area of ministry - Create images that tie in with the different aspects of your ministry. Include prayer requests for these areas. It may give the supporter a greater knowledge about all that goes on behind the scenes. It may also cause people to offer to help your ministry in new ways. New ideas might be inspired by the supporters.

  10. An Invaluable Gift - Calendars are useful to your customers (how many times to you use your own household calendar for example?) as well as serving as a reminder of your ministry throughout the year.

Calendars come in a variety of sizes, such as A5, A4, A3 for wall calendars, A5 and DL for desktop calendars, and other sizes are available too. Orders for a minimum of five pieces can be made, and if you have any queries about the artwork, feel free to contact us.

What are the advantages of utilising us for your Christian branded calendar printing job?

We have completed a great deal of work for a Christian company that specialises in property maintenance. An example of this would be the production of a calendar.

We were recommended on Linkedin (under our general print service name Afford A Print) and were told the following:

G. Mowat recently had the pleasure of working with Nigel on creating business cards and leaflets. His professionalism and communication throughout the process was excellent. In less than a week, the end product was delivered and it exceeded expectations in terms of quality. A job well done by Nigel and G. Mowat is more than happy to recommend his services.

For more advice, one can visit Linkedin by clicking on the link provided:

Contact us now:

If you need help, you can get in touch with us by filling in our contact form by clicking here.

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