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5 Creative Ideas for Gospel outreach in your home | the Power of Gospel Printing

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Here are a list of 5 ideas for using printed Literature for Gospel outreach in your home:

Gospel witness in the home
Let your light shine at home

1. Place posters and images on your walls for visitors to view. Why do this? a) They can speak to visitors, especially when the person does not want you to mention Christian things. b) The words may come to their mind at a later date.

c) They can help you and your household remember verses.

2. Place tracts and other literature in your bathroom / toilet area.

Why do this? a) People like to read when they spend time there. b) Tracts especially, are to the point and will cause people to think about eternal things. c) It could cause them to start a spiritual conversation with you. We can send you free Gospel flyers. View our vast range by clicking here.

3. Keep your Christian books well in view and reach - especially evangelistic reads. Why do this?

a) People like to pick up and browse books. A good title may reel them in to find out more. b) It causes people to build a picture of what your life is like as a Christian - it's not just something you do on a Sunday. c) Other Christians who visit may benefit from seeing them.

4. Display one of our free scripture posters on your windows.

Why do this?

a) Many people may read these, not just those who visit your house.

b) It can start a conversation straight away with a visitor.

c) Verses can come to their minds in the future. Walk by faith in this, not by sight.

5. Have tracts and Bibles ready near your door to hand to visitors. Why do this?

a) It's a simple statement to make, when someone comes to your door and you offer them a tract - "Here is something for you to read when you have the time." Most people take them.

b) These can remind you to take some out with you wherever you go.

c) It might encourage other Christians to do the same.

Remember to always pray before, after and during your opportunities to speak and spread the Good News of the Gospel.

What ways do you use your home to reach people with the Gospel?

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