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Every day Evangelism: 5 ideas for Spreading the Gospel through your organisation or business

Here are a list of 5 ideas for easy every day evangelism through your organisation or business.

1. In the "about us" page of your website, mention that you are a Christian business/organisation and maybe a link to our free Bible offer?

every day evangelism with business associates
Evangelism with people you work with

Why do this? a) It makes things clear to everyone who uses your services the sort of business you are. Therefore you become an instant witness to them. b) Other Christians may seek out Christian businesses to use as a priority. c) It's an odd thing these days to find a Christian who is clear in such a way. It has led us to conversations by simply doing this sort of thing through our general printing website

2. On your business card, include something about your faith. I have a Christian fish on my Afford A Print business cards and letterheads. (We can print and design business cards and letterheads should you need these) Why do this? a) As mentioned already, it can be a conversation starter. b) If we can freely display a brand on a piece of clothing, why would we not do this for the Lord? c) It may inspire other Christians to do this.

3. If you sell products, include one of our free Gospel tracts within the packaging. This is a great idea if you sell items on eBay or amazon for example. Why do this? a) It's easy to do and will definately reach someone who will start to read it. b) If the person receiving it is a Christian, it may encourage them or cause them to order some free tracts for their own use. c) It could be read by more than one person in the household or start a conversation there about eternal things.

4. When in conversation with business associates and the timing is suitable, offer a copy of your printed testimony (be sure to include the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation). Why do this? a) You are unique and God saved you in the way He did for a reason. Telling that story may be a seed or catalyst to the Lord saving someone. b) You never know what sort of experience of Christianity the reader has had. It has shocked me when I think someone appears to be against Christian things, that once you get below the surface they can be just the opposite inside. c) It's easy to do. (We can help you with the design and print production of your testimony, shoudl you need it.)

5. If you have a public access workplace (such as a shop or reception), be sure to leave tracts where visitors can pick up and read. Why do this? a) If people are waiting to be seen, they often like to read something. This is why doctor's surgeries often have a pile of books and / or magazines. b) One piece of literature could be something many people to read.

Remember to pray before, after and during your opportunities to speak and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ! What ways do you use to reach people with the Gospel in and through your organisation / business? Let us know! Comment below!

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