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In focus: Our "A gift is awaiting your collection" door to door Gospel tract

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

"Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." John 4:35

Why did we produce it?

Ever stopped to think how many letterboxes you pass when you go for a walk?

I wanted to make a tract that would reach more people than just those on the streets. This certainly did that! (Although some folks do, believe it or not, hand this one out on the streets.

It all started when my eyes caught sight of what I thought was a card telling me I had missed a delivery. It was in fact a clever advert to get you to take notice of some offers of a telecoms company. It did not take long for me to think something similar to this would make a good Gospel tract. So I set to work on a design. At first it was a little too similar to the Royal Mail card that people receive when they miss a delivery. So it changed to what we have today.

After a time on the streets handing out tracts and reaching people, one thing that always stuck out were the number of people that would either dodge the tract or refuse it - REGARDLESS of what was on it (as they had no way of knowing). Incidently, if you feel like you're being dodged way too often, it is probably not because you are giving out a printed Gospel tract, but rather because they probably think they are trying to be sold to - don't give up!

The more I thought about this tract, the more I realised the strengths of it. All those people who dodge the tract on the streets. All those people who don't venture into a town centre on the days you do. The house bound, the people who never come near where you hand them out - the people you never meet on a 1:1 basis - they would now get an opportunity to read the words of life through their letterbox!

Because of the design, whoever comes into contact with it are VERY likely to read it. There is certainly a gift awaiting their collection - the Gospel and / or the FREE Bible that we offer through the tract.


We have had a wonderful reaction to this tract by Christians - for example, many folk want tens of thousands printed (we can quote you for large amounts of these tracts with your own church / contact details on) so that they can reach all the doors of their neighbourhood. Or in some cases, their whole town! So the tract itself is one of our most popular for sure.

Some folks have had interesting reactions to these tracts when putting them through doors some have made the local newspaper. Usually a hostile reaction, but what is wonderful is that the newspaper articles sometimes include the tract so even more people get to read them!

In another instance, Amazingly 15,000 were ordered for an individual who wants to get them all out around his town. After 10,000 were delivered, an amazing 3% took to social media, contacting the press and also the police in protest. This brought the magnifying glass upon the Gospel message and we should rejoice at that!

When reading articles about the public reaction, it is important to note that they only talk about the bad news element of the tract. They make some silly idea up about children being offended when I am sure they could easily be offended by the front of a cigarette packet, or the animal rights campaigners with their photographed experiments on animals (and they would never complain about such).


Look out for the blocks of flats that have multiple letterboxes at the entrances, or pop one in the post box for the post man to read!

Take it one step further

"consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works" Hebrews 10:24

Don't forget to encourage other Christians to use these too! - Show them how easy they are to use, or share with them a story of how you have used them. Tell them they can request them free through the detail on each tract. Point them to this article to show them how useful the tract is and where they could place them.

Speak with your pastor too to see if he might encourage folks in the work.

Remember to pray about them before and after, that you might be led where the Lord would have you go. That He might prepare hearts to read them and work in them and their household.

Often we receive requests for more tracts by Christians who are handed these themselves. So not only does it reach people who do not know the Lord, but it also reaches and encourages other Christians.

Once a tract we produce was handed to someone in Dublin. They contacted us wanting us to design it, translated into Romanian. After they provided the wording and we edited it, they requested 5000 that they distributed to many Romanian churches across Ireland. Then they sent the remaining to Romania - all from being handed one tract!

"....but other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold...." Matthew 13:8

Can you think of anything to add to this article? Contact us with your stories and ideas.

For His Glory,

Did you know, with every door to door Gospel tract we send out, it includes the offer of a free Holy Bible uk?

At Printing Evangelism, we take pleasure in sharing joy through free Bible posters and Evangelism resources. We extend a heartfelt invitation to those who have yet to experience the transformative joy of being born-again Christians and are pondering life's profound questions, urging them to accept a Bible. In alignment with the great commission, our sincere mission is to make God’s Word easily accessible for all who aspire to embrace the Name of the Lord.

Click here to read our full article about why we offer a free Bible uk.If you are looking for a free Christian Bible, fill in the form on our page here:

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