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In focus: Our "Death / Why Do We All Die? & How To Not Fear Death" printed Gospel tract

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

"Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." John 4:35

Why did we produce it?

Pretty grim subject, but something we all have in common.

A common mistake in Christendom is this idea that the Gospel or the Bible is irrelevant to people today. That we need to therefore attract people to the things of God and only then can we share the Good News of Jesus. But I think this is something more to do with a lack of faith in the Word of God. This, or people prefer a more comfortable method to approach the subject. But if we are serious about souls, we would do well to talk about the definitive appointment they have with death. How wonderful that we could be used of God to remove the fear they have of death and the oncoming judgment!

Scripture says this "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17

We can believe this. We don't have to add anything to the Bible to try and make it more relevant. The Bible says that all we need is contained within the God breathed Bible.

Death itself is one of the major themes in scripture. It is the elephant in the room for most people. Death and the great sadness and emotional connection to it. The reality that 10/10 will die, means we have certainly a relevant subject for all.

"it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" Hebrews 9:27

But what can we do when nobody often wants to talk about that elephant in the room?

A printed Gospel tract on the subject would be most helpful. And now you have one you could use that addresses not only how to escape the fear of death, but why death itself exists (I wonder how many people ask themselves this question?). And even more importantly, where they will go after this life / having a right relationship with God.

Where could you use this tract?


Because it is relevant to everyone at any time, there is not many places and scenarios that you can't prayerfully use.

" whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

From your home

There is much you can do with these from your own home. For example, speak with us about weatherproof tract holders for outside your house - people do help themselves when visiting, passing by or delivering an item. A salesman recently knocked at our door and already had a tract in hand from the box. They also requested a free Bible. no time to speak, but who knows what those items will do! A brother I know has a tract holder attached to his car for when it is parked up - people take tracts from them!

Tip: Laminate the tracts if you are not going to change them around regularly.

Why not include a tract when returning a delivered item. Do you sell items? For example on Ebay - why not include a tract with the items you sell? If you have to pay a bill by post, stick a tract in with it. In fact, think about all the items you mail out - which could you send including a tract?

For a more personalised idea, why not intentionally buy some greeting cards. Use these to witness to your friends and neighbours. They can be for different times of the year - you could get to know their birthdays and maybe anniversaries too. Perhaps include a something like a printed high street voucher as well as an appropriate tract. Do the same for people you know far away too - friends and relatives.

When people come to your door, be ready to offer them a tract - you could say to the visitor "here is something very important for you to read." Or if they are a tradesman or postal worker "Here is something for you to read on your next break."

Local neighbourhood " Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." Mark 12:31

When you go out for a walk, you could make it an aim to post one through a certain number of doors each time you go out.

On a longer journey

If you are taking a longer journey, leave one on the bus. I once left a very specific tract on a train heading into London. Someone responded from that tract (nobody else had these, they were not ones I gave away) and requested a Bible!

Heading to a train or coach station? There are many places you can leave a tract for different people at the station and on public transport.

Going for a walk or visiting a shopping area

Stand in an area where lots of people walk by. Offer the passers by a tract "did you get one of these?" - you never know what interesting conversations might come about.

I have personally stood on a high street and handed hundreds of these out in an hour. Go with another Christian to encourage each other. Ensure you ask your fellowship for prayer. Share stories with others how it goes - it will encourage Christians to hear what happens.

"The harvest truly is plenteous" Matthew 9:37

Visiting a supermarket or local shop

There are a number of places you could leave tracts in and around supermarkets or shops. But careful that you are not littering or placing them somewhere that they will be simply thrown into a bin. I once left a tract on a table in a supermarket cafe. Upon exiting the building, I looked back and saw two workers reading the tract together!

Calling at a service station?

Many places in a service station to leave a tract. I like to visit the leaflet rack, take a few flyers out, sit down and put a tract in each. Then return them to where they were.

Doctor's surgery / waiting areas

Often I have found that ahead of us in these places are Jehovah Witnesses. They tend to have permission to leave their watchtower magazines with other magazines - but there is always a possibility that tracts could be left there - ask and see!

Visiting a library or restaurant

Here is a novel idea, why not place the tract in random books? Pray about which specific ones and make a habit of visiting to put some in. many libraries, like the service station, have leaflet holders.

Another idea could be to give them to your server in a restaurant or the cashier (leave them a good tip too). There are many other places within these venues where a tract can be left - be creative!

When on holiday / visiting other people

Repeat the above scenarios, just in a different place! It might be worth checking there is a good fellowship nearby to where you are going - in case you need to "plug people in" to have follow up with other Christians.

Take it one step further

"consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works" Hebrews 10:24

Don't forget to encourage other Christians to use these too! - Show them how easy they are to use, or share with them a story of how you have used them. Tell them they can request them free through the detail on each tract. Point them to this article to show them how useful the tract is and where they could place them.

Speak with your pastor too to see if he might encourage folks in the work.

Remember to pray about them before and after, that you might be led where the Lord would have you go. That He might prepare hearts to read them and work in them and their household.

A testimony

"I took this tract to the local streets, joining 5 others from our fellowship, also equipped with tracts and a readiness for conversation. I stood in my favourite place, sheltered from the sun with a steady flow of people. At one stage I asked the Lord if it was right for me to remain where I was - in that particular spot - little did I know what would happen shortly after that petition. A man with whom I know now to be his daughter, saw me in the distance, told his daughter to go ahead without him, as he wanted to speak with me. He sought me to take of the tract at first. Within moments, it was as if he knew why I was there without asking or me giving an explanation. He explained how he had been seeking a church in America that truly believes the Bible - yet could find no such place. He was keen to find such a place here too. I don't know all the details, however he started to explain how he believes that the many things in the world happening today are wrong in God's eyes - sexual immorality, redefining of gender, abortion, redefining of marriage etc - that they are of the devil and he was finding that these churches he had sought were all tolerating these cultural norms - he knew this was wrong. We discussed for some time these matters and it became apparent that he was not just fearful of hell, but heaven also. To which I could point him to the front of the tract - how to not fear death. I had the great blessing to speak with him of the one solution to his fear of death - peace in the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone. That none of us are worthy of heaven, we need a substitute for our sin. He then spoke of how he had prayed to God for help only the night before - as things were difficult for him. His daughter had called him to drive him to the street where I was stood - thus we had our conversation. He saw this as an answer to that prayer! I said to him that there is no guarantee of an easy life in Christ, but He can give us a peace within the challenges of life. He voiced great interest to come along to our church fellowship. I just happened to have one card on me that had our full church details on (as he had not heard of the street where it was located). He said he will look it up on google maps, but I assured him he did not need to do this, as there was a map on the back. He left assuring me he would read the tract as well as make effort to visit our church gathering. What a glorious privilege to be in that place to point him to the Saviour!"

Can you think of anything to add to this article? Contact us with your stories and ideas.

For His Glory.

Did you know, with every free "Why do we all die" Gospel tract we send out, it includes the offer of a free Holy Bible uk?

At Printing Evangelism, we take satisfaction in providing free Bible posters and Evangelism resources. We invite those who are still in the process of exploring the path to becoming born-again Christians and reflecting on life's profound questions. We suggest accepting a Bible as part of our earnest mission in line with the great commission. Our objective is to ensure easy access to God’s Word for anyone interested in embracing the uplifting Name of the Lord. Your journey holds importance, and we are available to assist you through each stage.

Click here to read our full article about why we offer a free Bible uk.If you are looking for a free Christian Bible, fill in the form on our page here:

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