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Large print Gospel tracts and Easter Resurrection outreach flyers

When recently attending the Reformation and Revival conference (click here for details), I had a conversation with a lovely gentleman who was visibly excited at the sight of Gospel literature (he was not the only one!). After speaking with him, it became clear that there is a need for large print Gospel tracts. For those who struggle to read small print.

All things print and evangelism
Our table at a recent Christian conference

Sometimes we hear objections to tracts that have lots of writing on, or the text is too small. However, it's very subjective - some people might not read a flyer with a lot of writing. But some people might. Some people might not be able to read a flyer with small text. Some people might not have a problem with it.

But, there is a genuine need for Christian literature with large text (think about how many large print hymn books you may have in your fellowship). So from our conversation, I have decided to reproduce one of our tracts (Our free gift Gospel card, click here to view the original).

Sometimes these challenges against the way the Gospel tract appears is an excuse not to use them at all. But surely we would want to give people, a Bible if they are seeking? Most Bibles have small print. Unless there really is a sight problem, in which case, we should seek to purchase a large print Bible for the individual.

Easter outreach flyers

On the subject of a new addition to our tract collection. A long time ago we produced and gave away Easter Gospel tracts. These were an A5 that you fold in half to A6. These sort of sizes are more expensive to print than most (and had a limited districution time - before and around Easter only). After we stopped stocking these, I have often wanted to produce something smaller. It's taken a while, but we now have an A6 double sided that is not only suitable for Easter, but can be used any time of year.

The other issue is that there are many Christians who don't recognise or celebrate Easter.

Easter Gospel flyers
part of the cover art for our new resurrection tract

Whatever your conviction about this, I believe this is a happy medium.

The tract's introduction subject is the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Simply entitled "He died ..was buried ...and rose from the dead" There is no mention of the word Easter. But is completely relevant at Easter, for those who wish to use it for this time.

I think it stands out to anyone because it makes a bold claim that a person died, was buried and rose from the dead. Not something you ever hear in a newspaper!

How do you like to reach people over Easter time? Let us know.

If you send out greeting cards, why not insert one of our new Resurrection tracts inside?

Did you know we can design and print branded Greeting cards for your church outreach activities? Simply get in touch and we can talk about what you would like to do. Click here to fill in our form.

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