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Reach a wide audience | Poster printing for churches

This article is all about how to reach a large audience through our poster design and printing services for churches.

Church Christmas posters for outdoor use
A1 Christmas poster

Posters are amazing. Placed in a correct location, they can reach more people than a single flyer. In fact, you could reach hundreds of people.

So with that in mind, one poster actually becomes more cost effective than flyers. this all depends on what you want to achieve.

We receive requests for posters for many different uses. But the most popular are for displaying at the front of, or inside of a church building. Another popular choice is for reaching people on the streets (through a planned outreach event).

We can design and print posters for you. We have a wide range of designs you can choose from. We can edit these so they are more bespoke to your needs.

Did you know you don't have to laminate posters to make them waterproof?

We can produce you plastic posters at many different sizes. We produced some for a customer who left us a five star Google review. This is what they wrote:

Great customer service from Nigel. Very helpful, nothing too much trouble. Helped me negotiate the minefield of getting large waterproof posters done. Thrilled with results. Will be back for more in future and tracts and cards etc. M. Y. Brenin

Have you ever considered a QR code for a poster? We can generate these for you and add them to your poster design.

What use is there for a QR code?

People are in a hurry today. This is illustrated by the way films and Tv programmes switch from scene to scene so quickly. Also underlined by the social media craze known as Tiktok.

Imagine you want the viewer of your poster to book a ticket or visit a certain website from your

Qr code for your Christian poster project
Poster QR codes

poster. The website address is something made up of about 20 letters / characters. When a person views a poster, it's easier for them to take out a phone, then point their camera at a QR code that brings up the link they can click. The only other option is to type in the long address. This is not attractive to people who are in a hurry.

QR codes can be branded.

Perhaps your poster has a certain colour or style? There are QR codes that can be adjusted to suit your design.

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