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Soul Winning: Why EVERY Christian needs to carry this with them

Updated: Apr 21

This article deals with one of the most important pieces of literature you need to carry around if we are to go about the business of soul winning.

Reach false converts with the Gospel
Important tools for soul winning

Most Christian outreach events have their focus on reaching those who do not know the Gospel. This is good. However, here in the UK, there is an ever increasing number of people who profess to be Christian who are not. I am not just talking about Mormons. Jehovah Witnesses. Roman Catholics. I am talking about people within churches who consider themselves protestant and yet they have no idea of what the Gospel is. Or, they have been told by someone else they are a Christian, when there is no evidence of a supernatural work that has gone on their hearts.

Should we trust a person is a Christian when they say they are?

Yes and no.

The Bible shows us that there are many people who profess to be Christians, who are not. For example, check out the list in our other article we produced here: "STOP witnessing like this".

But it also shows us that there are disciples who believed the person when they said they are believers. For example, the ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8 who was baptised. Simon the sorcerer in the same chapter. But I am sure you will see, these are very contrasting characters. Simon's profession of faith, very questionable by the end of the account.

So, I would say, it's good practice to believe a person's profession of faith if you meet someone for the first time. Until you have anything to believe otherwise.

When meeting strangers for the first time, who profess to be Christians, I try to make a habit. I want to give them something that will benefit them - if they are truly saved, and if they are not.

One of the things I like to give them is one of our completely free "Are you born again?" flyers (written by J.C. Ryle). You can read about why we produced this flyer (and can send printed physical copies to you ) by reading this article here.

To read this flyer, click here.

Our you can watch it in a video format below.

Why it is so important to have one of these flyers ready when attempting soul winning?

We don't know for sure if a person is truly saved. God looks at the heart (and we can't see that). Many people in the time of Jesus professed to be believers, but were not.

We need to be winsome to all people and encourage them to take good food for their souls. This flyer is a blessing to the true believer. As it is also to someone who is not born again. So I like to say something like "Can I give you something that will be a great blessing to you?" Then I take time to explain more (where needed). I explain that the flyer encourages something we should all do as Christians "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?" 2 Corinthians 13:5-7.

The majority of people welcome the flyer.

Often I find that asking a person who professes to be a Christian, if they are born again, they will answer with a simple yes or a no. But even those who say yes, will relate this to baptism, rather than being born from above (see John chapter 3). So whatever the person says, I still seek to encourage them to take one.

Reprobates with have a harsher judgment

Another more sobering reality is that the ones who profess to be Christians who are not, will have a harsher judgment after this world (if they die without truly putting their trust in Jesus). The Bible also has harsher words towards these people. Jesus used most of His rebuking words to those who were professing believers.

See Matthew 7:21-23

2 Timonthy 3:5, 1 John 4:1, John 8:44, 2 Peter 2:1 etc.

Beware also, professing Christians can be the most challenging people to witness to. It's very important to always surround your witnessing encounters with prayer. Read our other article about the important of prayer in evangelism.

Are you born again? Do you meet many people who say they are Christians when you are not sure? Then this free flyer is for you to give to those people. Click here to request yours.

Here is a video version of the Born Again tract:

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