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Table evangelism attracts a young questioning man in Southampton

As well as open air preaching this afternoon, there was table evangelism too.

Christian Printed banners
Clearly marked outreach table

Have you ever considered setting up a table in your town or city? It's amazing how many people are attracted to it when they know what it is. (We have printed banners on each side with the words "Free Bible and literature" in big letters) We can design and print Christian banners. Click here to contact us. This week, a young man approached the table. I asked him a simple question that led on to a conversation that lasted about 45 minutes. His response to me to begin with was one of someone searching for answers. I said it was good to ask questions. He asked many questions that were really good! Some questions indicated a battle within himself not wanting to submit to clear teachings in the Bible. Some of his questions led to him taking booklets about particular subjects - a booklet we had on the table that talks about scientific facts in the Bible (available at Living Waters) - this I gave him as we spoke about the conflict between certain scientists and the Bible. I tried to press the point to him that every person has an agenda in life - Christian scientists and unbelieving scientists. I also explained that the idea of millions of years came from Charles Lyell who wanted to rid the world of the law of Moses.

He also struggled with the idea that the Bible was trustworthy. I spoke about the Dead Sea Scrolls. I also gave him another booklet from the table called "IS IT TRUE?" Evidence for the Bible (Day One publications).

I was able to meet a lot of his questions with Bible scriptures. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is to pray before and after any witnessing encounter. Also, encourage others to pray for the work from your fellowship.

At the end of the conversation, this young man said he felt he needed to buy himself a Bible to learn more. We had four Bibles and many new testaments on the table when we started the outreach. By the end of this conversation, there was only one left. So I offered this to him and he was pleasantly surprised that I would want to give him it for free. Inside the Bible was an invitation to the church I am a member at, as well as one of our small free Gospel cards.

Please pray for this young man. That he might urgently seek forgiveness of his sins found only in the Lord Jesus. I told him that we are in the same spot every Friday if he wanted to come by and say hello again.

We try to do the outreach in the same spot for good reason. Over the months, we have seen the same people come back with more questions, or had opportunity simply to remind them of the urgency of the need to get right with God.

Have you experienced the benefits of using a table in evangelism? Why not share your story with us.

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