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Evangelism: The benefits of booklet printing for churches

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

This article takes a look at what to do when people want more than a simple Gospel flyer about Jesus. The benefits of booklet printing for churches.

A5 printed booklet with 32 pages full colour
Evangelism booklets

Although there are many benefits to using Gospel flyers to reach large numbers of people with the Gospel, there will come a time when people need something with greater detail.

We are called to make disciples, not just preach the Gospel. So we should always be ready to welcome under our wings searching souls. We need to be prepared to dedicate study time in the scriptures and basics of Christianity.

It's great to go straight into the scriptures of course. But it can be beneficial to have something to bring together the core elements of Christianity. Especially for those who are new to the Bible.

At the request of Mayflower Christian Bookshop, Southampton, we reproduced from an out of print booklet (with permission) "Seeking God" by Peter Jeffery. You can view an introduction to this booklet by clicking here.

The process of putting together this booklet, involved sourcing a new image that was similar to the front cover and typing up all of the text. Once formatted to the satisfaction of Mayflower Christian Books, the 32pp A5 went to press and is now being sold in their book shop. You can also request a copy from us.

All this to say - we can design, edit and produce full booklets bespoke to your needs. This can incorporate your church branding if needed.

Bespoke = continuity and care

There are good reasons to have your own, church branded booklet as the next stage for the seeking soul.

A) It can contain your specifics and not a general message aimed at every person. This is useful for adding names and contact details of church leadership. Who to contact about certain things like child safeguarding. You could also include belief statements and a history of the fellowship.

B) It speaks of your desire to invest into the people who you take under your wing.

C) It's helpful to remind all members of your fellowship what you are all about (similar to the benefits of having catechisms).

Would you like some help with the printing of church booklets?

Contact us for help with both the design and printing. We look forward to hearing from you.

Did you know that you can add our offer of a free Holy Bible (uk) to any of your outreach print projects?

At Printing Evangelism, we go beyond offering free Gospel flyers and Evangelism resources. We extend a welcoming invitation to individuals who are not yet born-again Christians and are in search of answers regarding the meaning of life, providing them with the opportunity to receive a Bible. This initiative is in harmony with the great commission, underscoring our dedicated commitment to ensuring that God's Word is easily accessible to all those who desire to invoke the Name of the Lord. 

Want to add our offer of a free Christian Bible to your outreach print project? Simply add the website address and then request a quote from us for printing.

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