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5 Creative Ideas for Outreach on your birthday | the Power of Printed Gospel Tracts

Here are a list of 5 ideas for using printed Gospel Literature for outreach on your birthday:

Turn your birthday into a time to evangelise
Using your birthday as a witness

1. Invite friends and family you want to witness to, to a meal - also especially invite Christians who will witness to them.. - maybe leave some of our free Gospel literature around for them to pick up - it could start a conversation. Why do this? a) Because it can bring a new angle of the Christian faith to the ones you love. b) It's easy and fitting to do this. c) It blesses all there with food and a good clean Christian witness.

2. Because many people come to your door on and around your birthday (especially with deliveries / cards) Display one of our free Bible verse posters in your window. (click here to order a free Christian poster). Why do this? a) It's easy to do and you reach many people that way. b) It's a great way to generate eternal conversations. c) You will stand out and become a place to call on when someone seeks eternal concerns/nversation.

3. Send a thank you card to those who gave you birthday presents - include a printed copy of your

How to use birthdays to evangelise
Charles Spurgeon on gifts

Why do this? a) Your testimony gives the reader a real glimpse of how God has worked in your life. A really great addition to sharing the Gospel. b) It's a strange thing for someone to receive a letter in the post and a thank you card today. You will certainly stand out.

4. Give thanks with a post on social media for all those who wished you a happy birthday - pointing the blessing of your life to being a gift from God in His mercy. Why do this? a) It's another opportunity to give a public thanks to the Lord for His great kindness in your life. b) It could spark a conversation about eternal things.

c) It may encourage other Christians to do the same.

5. Encourage other Christians to reach their friends and work mates on their birthdays, using the ways described above. Why not share this page on your own social media page? Why do this? a) "let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works" Hebrews 10:24 b) "exhort one another daily, while it is called To day" hebrews 3:13 c) Many more people can be reached that way.

Remember to always pray before, after and during your opportunities to speak and spread the Good News of the Gospel.

What creative ideas do you have for making Christ known on your birthday?

Let us know by commenting below or contact us.

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