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5 Ideas for Gospel witnessing in the toilet / restroom

Updated: Mar 4

Here are a list of 5 ideas for Gospel witnessing in the toilet / restroom:

evangelism in the restroom
Reach those who visit the toilet in your home

1. Leave printed literature in your own toilet / restroom. For example. A selection of our free Gospel tracts, printed church newsletters, magazines or even your own printed testimony, Why do this? a) Some people can spend quite a bit of time in the toilet and like to read. b) It might inspire other Christians to do this when they visit your home.

c) If the person is visiting your home only briefly to use your facilities (say they are dropping someone off at your home, or they are working in your home), it might be the only opportunity for them to read the words of eternal life.

2. Frame images that include scripture verses and hang them in your restroom / toilet.

Why do this? a) People read when they look around. It will tell them that you are a Christian household if they did not realise that already. b) If they are not willing to speak about the Lord, they will still be spoken to through the verse(s). c) It's something that can be recalled to a person's memory in the future.

3. When you visit someone's home, or any other public toilet / restroom for that matter (such as a museum, service station, offices, library etc), leave a printed Gospel tract for the next person to pick up and hopefully read. Why do this?

a) The person reading it might seek the Lord for salvation as a result of what they read. b) If the person who finds it is a Christian, it might be an encouragement to them. c) More than one person might view it.

4. When visiting a toilet in a place other than your home, place a Gospel tract on top of a pay machine and in the part where items come out. For example, a machine where you put money in to

buy contraceptives or mints.

Why do this?

Evangelism in a toilet
Place Gospel literature inside and on top

a) The person who opens or fixes the machine will find the Gospel flyer on the top of the machine (being out of view, it will not be found until a later time).

b) The person buying an item from the machine will find the Gospel tract and start thinking about eternal things.

c) It may turn the viewer away from sin / think twice about sin.

5. Unroll a toilet roll. Place a Gospel flyer between the sheets and roll back up again. Why do this?

a) You could reach different people, if there are several cubicles there.

b) People using toilet roll are usually in a place to sit and read something.

Remember to always pray before, after and during your opportunities to speak and spread the Good News of the Gospel.

What ways do you reach people through toilets / restrooms?

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