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5 reasons to use a free Christian literature table in outreach

Updated: Jan 29

Here are 5 reasons why you should use a free Christian literature table in your outreach efforts.

People take free Bibles and booklets about Christianity
Christian literature table in a city

1. Continuity. After weeks of setting up the same table, on the same day, at the same times, you begin to get to know the regulars and people return to you for further Gospel conversation (It also makes you distinct from others - such as cults or other faiths, if you use the same branding each time you set up). Did you know we can print you banners and posters to complement an outreach table? Contact us for a quote by clicking here.

2. The people recognise. With the banners on the side / clear signage, you will certainly attract people who are interested in discussing eternal matters. Need some free Gospel literature to place on your table? Click here to view the range we can send you.

3. Ice breaking. "What do you think about these?" "Which of these are you interested in?" The table and the contents allow for easy starting of conversations where otherwise might be harder to do. Did you know that we sell booklets called Seeking God - these are a great, simply worded introduction to the Christian faith. Contact us for more information by clicking here.

4. It works for you. You, and the people with you, may find yourself in conversations while someone approaches the table. So the table does the work for you to an extent.

5. It blesses Christians as well as those who are seeking. You can equip and encourage all different types of people when you have a table like this out. Often we have Christians who are blessed to see us there. Christians looking for a church or just those who need to be encouraged to do witnessing themselves. It's incredible what can come from such.

Want to know what sort of items you could put on an outreach table? Read this article (click here)

Do you have a story about encounters you have had around such a table? Please share these stories with us.

As always, please remember to pray before, during and after your witnessing opportunities.

Here is a video of how to set up your own outreach table:

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