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Simple Evangelism: 5 ideas for Spreading the Gospel in a Hospital

Here are a list of 5 ideas for Spreading the Gospel in a Hospital:

1. Place one of our "medicine like no other" tracts in a hospital flyer holder. Why do this? a) Because it can reach many people who you would not otherwise be able to have a conversation with. b) It's easy and quick to do. c) In a hospital, flyers are there to help people with their physical challenges. But the greater challenge for everyone is their spiritual situation.

2. Place a tract in a "feedback box" Why do this? a) It will be read by someone. It may be odd for them to find one there, but that will make it more memorable. b) It's easy and free to do if you order our free tracts.

3. Place tracts in the books available in a book library. Why do this? a) Hospitals have places you can find books for everyone to read - these are for people who are bored or want to do something while laid in a hospital bed. This is a great time to consider their mortality too. b) You will reach a person who may never step foot in a church. c) It's easy to do this - something that can also be done in your local library or book shop.

4. If you see a church on your travels, post one of our tracts "are you born again?" Through a letterbox, or leave inside if the church is open. Why do this? a) People in a church will naturally be ready to read about eternal things. b) It could be the first time a professing Christian becomes aware of the need to be born again.

5. Leave literature in the "faith / prayer room." Why do this? a) Like a church, the people here will already be thinking about, or open to pondering eternal things. b) The flyers won't look out of place and are eay to just leave there for someone to read. c) You could also place these in a Bible, or leave a bible there if there is not one to be found.

Remember to pray before, after and during your opportunities to speak and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ! What ways do you use to reach people with the Gospel when you go to a hospital? Let us know!

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