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The Power of Printed Church Invitations

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Printed church outreach invitations
Encourage church members to invite people

At Printing-evangelism, we believe in the power of printed church invitations to impact your community. As an organisation dedicated to spreading the Gospel, we understand the importance of equipping churches with effective tools to reach out to the world. In this article, we will explore the significance of printed church invitations and how they can be utilised to extend a warm invitation to your church events and services. Especially in a time where the world is cold to Christian things.

1. The Impact of Personal Invitations

Personal invitations can be one of the most powerful ways to engage with congregations and attract new members to the church. While social media, advertising, and direct mail have their place, personal invitations have a unique ability to create a genuine connection. According to research, personal invitations are often more effective than other forms of outreach. By creating a culture of inviting within your church, you can set the stage for growth and community expansion. But most importantly, many more people will get to hear the words of life - both inside and outside of the gathering of teh saints.

2. Equipping the Church for Outreach

Before encouraging a congregation to invite others, it's essential to ensure that the church is well-prepared to welcome guests. Take a moment to evaluate your church's readiness by considering factors such as signage, hospitality, and visitor follow-up procedures. When your church is ready, it's time to seriously consider equiping people with the necessary tools and resources to extend invitations effectively.

3. Utilising Printed Church Invitation Cards

One of the most powerful tools for personal invitations is the printed church invitation card. These cards serve as a tangible reminder and invitation that can be easily shared with friends, family, and even strangers. At Printing-evangelism, we offer a wide range of options to customise church invitation cards, ensuring they reflect the unique identity of your church and event.

3.1 Customisation and Design

Having spoken with many church leaders and printed many church invites already, we have a good idea abouit what should be included in the design. We can offer you both the service of design and print for this project. If you decide to print with us, you can choose from a variety of sizes, including A3 folded in half to A4, A4, A5, A6, A7, or even business card size. Additionally, we offer a wide range of materials to suit your needs, from matt or silk options (these are best, if you want someone to be able to write on them) to lamination choices such as matt, gloss, or velvet/soft lamination.

3.2 Eye-catching and Informative

Printed church invitation cards are designed to grab attention and provide essential event information. The 450gsm, ultra-thick gloss laminate cardstock ensures a professional and high-quality finish that will impress recipients. By including key details such as the date, time, location, and a brief message about the event or service, you can effectively communicate the purpose and significance of your gathering.

Simply adding specific details can make your invite much more effective. For example

a. Start the wording with "You are warmly invited to..."

b. Include social media icons so they can follow your events etc online.

c. Include a QR code - we can provide you with a lifetime QR code - with no ongoing costs.

d. Include a map to the venue.

e. Include a photo of the venue.

3.3 Easy Distribution and Use

Invite cards are incredibly user-friendly, empowering your church members to extend invitations quickly and effortlessly. By providing your congregation with these personal invitation cards, you enable them to take an active role in inviting others to experience the love and community within your church. Displaying a stack of invite cards in your church lobby and teaching people how to use them can further encourage their distribution. The best and most practical size with be that of a business card. This is because they would be very easy to carry around in a purse or wallet, just like our much used credit cards are.

Did you know that you can add our offer of a free Holy Bible (uk) to any of your outreach print projects?

At Printing Evangelism, not only do we offer completely free Gospel flyers and Evangelism resources, but we want to offer a Bible to anyone who is not a born again Christian, that is searching for answers about the meaning of life. Part of the great commission is that we make available God’s Word to whosoever might call upon the Name of the Lord.

Want to add our offer of a free Christian Bible to your outreach print project? Simply add the website address and then request a quote from us for printing.

4. Maximizing Outreach Efforts

While printed church invitation cards are a powerful tool on their own, they can be even more impactful when used in conjunction with other outreach strategies. Here are some additional ways you can equip your church members to invite others effectively:

4.1 Embrace the Power of Social Media

In today's digital age, social media plays a significant role in communication. Encourage your congregation to leverage their online networks by sharing event details, inspirational content, or helpful articles related to your church. By creating shareable content that is engaging and relevant, you can make it easier for your members to spread the word about your church and its activities.

It's important you maintain the design and branding of the printed items with your online adverts. Speak with us about our design services to help you do this.

4.2 Provide Window Signs

Tap into the power of visibility by offering window signs / posters that your church members can proudly display in their windows. Similar to how people support political candidates, these signs can create curiosity and interest in your church within the local community. Consider designing eye-catching and informative posters that reflect your church's mission and values.

4.3 Develop an Inviting Website Page

A well-designed and informative website is essential for any church. Create a dedicated page on your website that serves as a hub for inviting others (this can be where your QR code sends people to who are interested. Include attractive graphics, sample Facebook posts, and ideas for online invitations. By providing your members with all the necessary resources in one place, you make it easy for them to extend invitations through various online platforms.

4.4 Leverage the Power of Stories

Stories have a unique ability to captivate and inspire. Incorporate stories of inviting and life transformation into your sermons and services. By sharing personal testimonies of how invitations have impacted individuals' lives, you can encourage your congregation to step out in faith and extend invitations with confidence.

5. The Importance of Welcoming Guests

Creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests is crucial for their overall experience and potential for long-term engagement. Ensure that every guest feels acknowledged and valued by intentionally welcoming them and providing clear guidance on what to expect. This intentional hospitality sets the tone for your church and reinforces the message that new people are not only welcome but expected. Have you ever considered a welcome flyer for those who visit your church? Speak with us and we can work together to develop this.

6. Engaging Guests During Services

For pastors, it's important to make a conscious effort to engage guests during your church services. Incorporate moments within your sermons where you directly address new attendees (this could be done during any announcments at the beginning), provide context for ongoing sermon series, and explain any ministry references. By ensuring that everyone feels included and informed, you create a sense of belonging and remove potential barriers for new individuals. Don't assume everyone knows the meaning of Christian terms. This may also be the first and only time that a person gets to hear the Gospel.

7. Creative Outreach Ideas

In addition to printed church invitation cards, explore creative outreach ideas that align with the unique characteristics of your church and community. Consider the simple preaching of the Gospel or handing out of Gospel flyers. Did you know we can provide you with free Gospel flyers? Click here to find out more. Something we have found is very effective is the inclusion of a clearly marked table, offering a Bible and other literature.

We can help you in the setup and planning of an outreach evangelism table. Speak with us today.

8. Prayer as a Powerful Outreach Tool

Organise dedicated prayer times, either in-person or online, to intercede for those who need to be invited. By inviting your church members to join together in prayer, you foster a culture of compassion and mission. Prayer can open doors and soften hearts, making it an essential component of your outreach efforts.If you have regular gatherings for prayer, ensure the person leading the prayer meeting is informed of outreach efforts going on. You must surround all your evangelism efforts with prayer - before, during and after.

At Printing-evangelism, we are dedicated to supporting churches in their mission to spread the Gospel. Our printing services offer a wide range of options for creating personalised church invitation cards that leave a lasting impression. By equipping your church with these powerful tools, you can extend a warm invitation to your community and create a culture of inviting that leads to growth and transformation.

Unlock the potential of personal invitations and transform your church's outreach efforts with the help of Printing-evangelism. Join us in this journey of spreading the Gospel through the power of printed church invitations.


In conclusion, printed church invitations are a valuable tool for churches looking to engage their congregation and attract new members. Personal invitations have been proven to be more effective than other forms of outreach, and by equipping your church with printed invitation cards, you empower your members to extend a warm invitation to their friends, family, and community (It's a hard thing for someone to step foot in a church, especially if they don't know anyone there, or have not been invited).

By utilising various outreach strategies such as social media, window signs, and online resources, you can maximize the impact of your invitations. Remember to create a welcoming environment for guests and express gratitude to those who extend invitations. With the help of Printing-evangelism, you can customise and create high-quality printed church invitation cards that reflect the unique identity of your church and event. Let us partner with you on your mission to spread the Gospel and make a lasting impact in your community.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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