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Distributing Gospel Flyers at a Christian Conference: "Behold Your God" - Newcastle 2023.

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

With speakers Joel Beeke, Ian Hamilton, Simon Arscott, Peter Naylor and David Pfeiffer. The conference, saw at one time, over 170 attendees from across the UK and beyond.

Gospel Flyers were very popular for evangelism purposes
Inside of All Saints church, Newcastle

Each year, we have a table at many conferences in different parts of the UK. This was the first time we attended this conference. It was such a blessing to be there and meet with so many kind and zealous Christians.

If you did not get to attend this conference, you might be able to watch (in the near future) the teachings online on their Youtube channel (Click here).

I thought it would be a good idea in this article, to write up on some of the great blessings I experienced from working on the table at the event.

Table displaying free Gospel tracts and evangelism literature
The Printing Evangelism table at the conference

Gospel Flyers at a Christian Conference

My aim with our table was to encourage and equip Christians for their efforts in reaching people with the Good News of Jesus. This I did primarily with the giving away of different printed Gospel flyers.

We also had, on the table, a number of printed evangelism articles. These were written in a way to inspire reachingany through using Gospel tracts and the other free items we give away (such as printed Christian posters and Bibles Etc.).

Particular encouragements

There seemed to be people at the table throughout most of the conference. With many conversations about the way people are already witnessing to the lost and about new ways I could encourage them in to reach more people.

Several people came to the table and pointed out how some of our specific tracts are just right for them now (it was so wonderful to meet that need / situation!) - like our Alpha Course tract and the flyer that is for Roman Catholics to read. Many also took tracts for specific annual events such as Halloween and Christmas.

As a family, we were also blessed to stay on at the church for their Sunday services. This was on the day after the conference. Here I was blessed to meet someone who had been at the conference and had already started using some of the tracts we gave him!

He spoke of one lovely instance regarding a packet of peanuts!

This dear brother went to a local shop to purchase some peanuts. He tried to make the payment using his mobile phone, but this failed. There was no other way he could make this payment. He then apologised to the cashier, only to have a complete stranger offer to make the payment for him! Gratefully, he thanked the person who made the payment - he was unable to give him any money for his kind gesture, but was able to give him one of our business card sized Gospel tracts.

This encounter, along with others, led the brother to ask me for more of these tracts, so he could be equiped to reach many others with the words of life. I gladly gave him all of those tracts.

I nearly did not leave the box of tracts in the church at the end of the conference - but I am so glad I did!

Have you ever taken tracts with you to the local shop? Let us know your stories.

The business card sized tracts are great for your wallet and could easily be handed to the cashier after you have made a payment.

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