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Open air ministry - the importance of continuity

In this article we will look at the importance of continuity in open air ministry.

the importance of continuity in street evangelism
Open air ministry | Street preacher

Do you reach people with the Gospel in open air work? By open air ministry, we are speaking of street preaching, having a literature table to reach passers by. A market stall or just handing out literature.

If you do, then that is wonderful! Keep up the great work!

Being active in this area of work ourselves, we have found that being in the same place on a regular basis is valuable work. For example, we stand in the same city, same area, at the same time on the same day - Fridays at 1pm onwards.

Here are five reasons why this is so important and useful.

  1. Conversations can continue. I have personally handed literature to a person one week. Then seen them again to discuss things further the week after. Did you know we can design and print invitation flyers for your church? Contact us today for a quote.

  2. You can encourage people to come back to you if they have further questions. "We will be here again this time next week. If you are passing by, come say hello!" Have you ever thought about the many advantages of having a literature table to reach more people? Here are five reasons you should consider one (click to read).

  3. If you were unable to provide a Bible or specific leaflet one week, you can meet the person the next (if no other opportunity is possible in the meantime). Did you know we can supply you with completely free Christian literature? Click here to view our designs.

  4. You will be remembered as someone who wanted to reach people repeatedly, even though people might not want you to. When I was not seeking the Lord, I was mocking, rejecting His good, kind gift of salvation. But looking back, I am very thankful to those who persevered and were there for any questions I had. Did you know we can design and print you banners and posters that you can display when you do your outreach event. This helps people recognise you each week. Contact us to discuss your printing needs.

  5. Sometimes we can be unprepared for a specific topic of conversation. Leaving you with little to say on the matter. Afterwards, if you seek clarification on the matter, you could learn enough to speak with the person again if you see them. This is useful for your own witness to others, but also shows the person you engage with, that you find their point of conversation important (assuming you get to see them again). Take a look at some example items you could take with you when you carry out your open air ministry. These are the items listed here, that we display on our outreach table (click here to read).

  6. It is a constant witness to the community - people who may not want to engage know where to look when they do have questions.

Remember, always pray before, during and after your evangelism efforts. Read our article about the importance of prayer in evangelism.

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